On Thursday, 21st, our school proudly awarded the Cambridge University Certificate to 60 students who successfully passed the Preliminary for Schools, demonstrating English proficiency levels from B1 to B2. 

This certification is a significant achievement, validating the considerable effort our students have devoted to their English studies and highlighting the important role of English in shaping their academic and professional futures. 

The ceremony which was attended by the Head of the English Department Ms Cindy Cifuentes, Rodrigo Aguilera, Deputy Director Karen Mercado, and high school coordinator Roberto Guarda, underscores the support and pride our educational community shares in the accomplishment of these students. 

This moment celebrates both their hard work and the excellence of our English education program, receiving this Cambridge certificate equips our students with a globally recognized credential, affirming they are ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in both higher education and the workforce.

This event reaffirms our school’s dedication to providing a high-quality education that prepares students for success on the international stage. It is a clear indication of our commitment to fostering an environment where students can achieve excellence and recognize the importance of English in achieving their future goals.