First for Schools award ceremony

First for Schools award ceremony

On Monday, the 18th, an important ceremony was held at our school, marking a significant achievement for 35 of our year 12 students who were awarded the Cambridge University Certificate, having successfully completed the “First for Schools” examination, demonstrating proficiency levels ranging from B2 to C1. This examination, specifically designed to assess the English skills of school-aged learners, provides a solid foundation for both their academic and professional futures. 

The Cambridge University Certificate is more than just a piece of paper; it is evidence for the hard work, dedication, and proficiency of our students in the English language. This achievement not only highlights their capabilities but also opens up numerous opportunities for them in the world. In today’s interconnected community, the importance of English cannot be overstated. It serves as a key that can unlock doors to prestigious universities, lucrative career opportunities, and the chance to participate in international settings and networks. 

Moreover, this certificate is an invaluable tool for our students’ futures, offering them a competitive edge in university applications and the job market. The recognition of their proficiency in English by such a renowned institution as Cambridge University significantly enhances their resumes. It signals to universities and employers alike that these students possess a high level of English proficiency, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate effectively in diverse environments.

We are incredibly proud of our students for achieving this milestone. Their success is a testament to their hard work and the quality of the English language education provided by our school. It also underscores our commitment to equipping our students with the tools they need to succeed in a globalised world. As they move forward in their academic and professional journeys, the proficiency in English that they have demonstrated will undoubtedly serve as a cornerstone for their future endeavours.

This moment is not just a celebration of individual achievement but a confirmation of our collective commitment to excellence in education and the future success of our students. We look forward to continuing to support them in their pursuits and to celebrating many more achievements to come.